Modern Day Mead founder Paul O'Leary in front of winery license application posting

Getting a Winery License

A winery license?! I thought we were making sparkling mead here at Modern Day Mead!

It’s true … mead and sparkling mead are considered types of wine – honey wine we’ll say – so we need a winery license at Modern Day Mead in order to set up our meadery and make our delicious sparkling mead. One of the first steps in the process is posting a public notice of the application on the front door. This way anyone who doesn’t want a business making/selling alcoholic beverages in their neighborhood can lodge a complaint.

Thankfully no one complained and we passed this part of the process with flying colors. It would seem the people have spoken and they want the mead!

I had to commemorate the “public notice” sign on the front door with a selfie … I don’t take them often, this time warranted it.

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