the entire family of Modern Day Meadery bottles circa September 2023, Hot For Peacher, Hops Rule, and Cherriots of Sour
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Dry Sparkling Mead like you’ve never tasted before!

You may have had mead before, but you’ve never tasted sparkling meads like Modern Day Mead.

Our sparkling meads are dry, naturally carbonated, and wildly delicious.

label for Hot For Peacher by Modern Day Meadery, a sparkling peach jalapeño mead
label for Hops Rule (Everything Around Me) by Modern Day Meadery, a sparkling mead with hops
Cherriots of Sour label, sparkling sour cherry lime mead by Modern Day Meadery
Careless Ginger by Modern Day Meadery, a sparkling orange mead with ginger
holding two bottles of Modern Day sparkling mead, hops rule and cherriots of sour

let’s not forget about hot for peacher!

empty bottle of Hot For Peacher peach jalapeño sparkling mead

let’s not Forget about Hot For Peacher!

bottle of Hot For Peacher sparkling peach jalapeno mead by Modern Day Meader

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Here’s what people are saying about our sparkling mead:

“Cherriots of Sour is amazing, I can’t get enough of it!”
– George W, Chicago IL

“I’ve got the need, the need for mead! Gimme that Hops Rule.”
– Chris C, Sacramento CA

“That Hot For Peacher really lights my fire!”
– Chip H, Reno NV

cases of bottles of Hot For Peacher
kegs of Hot For Peacher ready to head to the taproom

We make delicious sparkling meads that inspire your taste buds

Glass of delicious Hot For Peacher Sparkling Peach Jalapeño Mead

delicious sparkling meads that inspire your taste buds

mead-making at Modern Day

At Modern Day, we use nothing but the finest honey, fruit purèes, and hops in our sparkling mead recipes. Honey isn’t vegetarian of course, but everything else we use in our sparkling mead is. Even the carbonation is produced naturally. And our sparkling mead is 100% gluten free. Whether or not you’re trying to avoid gluten, Modern Day Mead is just what you’re looking for. It’s just like back in the day, but way better!

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Please Enjoy Modern Day Sparkling Meads Responsibly

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